This page summarises my activities and publications related to ancient studies, or more broadly to the Latin language (not necessarily to classical texts). Pages referenced here can be accessed from the "Classical philology" menu in the main menu bar.


See below the list of Latin works that I have translated into Hungarian, or I have otherwise contributed to the publication of their Hungarian translation.

Anonymi auctoris De rebus bellicis

Currodrepanus As part of my MA thesis, I have translated into Hungarian the presumably 4th century treatise known under the title De rebus bellicis. The short treatise is known for the often fancy or bogus description of various war machines (some of them being partly or entirely fictional), as well as its equally fancy state reform ideas that are nevertheless reflecting the political, economic and military issues of the time.

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Johannes Sambucus: Emblemata

Johannes Sambucus I publish the Hungarian translation of Sambucus' Emblemata on my website. Links to the contemporary (16. century) French and modern English translations are also included.

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Ambrosius Simigianus: Scriptores Rerum Hungaricarum et Transylvanicarum

Ambrosius Simigianus Scriptores Rerum Hungaricarum et Transylvanicarum The Hungarian translation was a collective effort of multiple translators and proofreaders. My contribution included proofreading the translation, as well as translating minor parts.

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Other publications

You can find my complete publication list on a separate page.


A few extra content/services on my homepage related to the Latin language.

  • Full Latin text (based on Ireland's edition) of De rebus bellicis
  • Some material related to a still used 19th century Latin-Hungarian dictionary. It can be accessed from here, but this content is only available in Hungarian.