Anonymi Auctoris De Rebus Bellicis

Reformötletek a kései antikvitásból

[Reform Ideas from the Late Antiquity]

My MA thesis included, to my best knowledge, the first Hungarian translation and commentary of the - presumably - 4th century treatise known as Anonmi Auctoris De Rebus bellicis.

"Denkschrift eines verrückten Projektenmachers" - as it was described by the renowned 19th century German scholar, Otto Seeck in his Realenzyklopädie-article. The somewhat derogatory epithet is not entirely unfounded: the unknown author's fancy historical explanations, rather unconventional reform ideas and war machines may easily lead us to the conclusion that he lost the connection to reality altogether. Nevertheless, this picture of a "crazy" author changed in the decades following Seeck's article. Later he was reclassified by some scholars as the one who alone understood - or at least tried to do so - the actual cause of social tensions at the time, and proposed earthly solutions, instead of the religious interpretations prevalent at the time. From a philologist perspective, the most intriguing parts are the unconventional names given to various war machines by the author.