Programming and web development

I am offering the development of custom software and websites. I started programming as a hobbyist around 2000, and I am working as a freelance developer since 2011:

  • Web development (including front- and back-end development, database design etc.), or only selected components, as per the requirements
  • Custom software development for desktop environments, primarily for Windows.

I can handle the development from scratch, taking over the development of existing websites/software, or contributing to it as a team member. My specialties include the development of custom, in-house administrative solutions.

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Featured projects

The most noteworthy projects I did as a freelance programmer/web developer.

Rüster is a custom web-based software solution to manage a multitude of milling tools used to produce mechanical products on different CNC machines. My responsibilities included both front-end and back-end development.

An export helper module for the open source family tree software, Webtrees.

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