Castra, castrum, castellum - a semantic study from new perspectives

The primary goal of my thesis is to analyze the semantic value and semantic change - in time and space - of the three words mentioned in the title. Furthermore, I hope that the approach used to accomplish this task may prove useful in the analysis of many other words. My analysis prominently features a detailed statistical analysis of the occurrences of these words in the available sources (both literary and documentary). To my best knowledge, such analysis was not yet attempted for these words (as well as other words of their kind).

My thesis is written in Hungarian. English publication is possible, assuming it is worthy enough to do so. It is likely that at least an excerpt will be posted here in English.

A secondary goal of my thesis is to propose a standardized way for publishing documentary sources (inscriptions and papyri). I have concluded that such a system is necessary while collecting input data for the analysis mentioned above. The main reason for this is that current online data sources are not really suitable for this kind of task. My proposed system, however, is designed with such usage patterns in mind as well as featuring much more improvements over current systems.

Of course the realization of such a system is only possible within the framework of an international cooperation. My goal would be to initiate this cooperation, and provide some initial ideas worth discussing.